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May · cause · drowsiness

alcohol may intensify this effect

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dear lord. I just smoked a bowl to cure a hangover so I can cover someone elses shift at work. I can't keep doing this shit. I am not a druggie or a drunk. Is this who I am? It can't be. I just wish I weren't hungover. The Dr.Pepper should help though. I wanna do what the song says...I wanna go home. lord, I was so drunk and stoned off my ass last night that i lost my glasses. where the fuck are my glasses?
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irritated irritated
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So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits:
Something in the Way- Nirvana
Okay..so its a little creepy and depressing, not unlike me. lol

Falling in love:
Everything will be alright- The Killers
oh yes, I need reassurance

Sex Scene:
Settle for a slowdown- Dierks Bentley
lol. You're going too fast.

Breaking Up:
You'll think of me- Keith Urban
wow...very much a break up song

Life's OK:
These Words- Natasha Bedingfield
um...yes, I love you X 5. lol

Mental Breakdown:
Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
hrm..makes sense

Moondance- Van Morrison
it's marvelous.

Final Battle:
Always on my Mind- Willie Nelson
so very depressing..

Death Scene:
Hello, Goodbye- The Beatles
um...now we'd both be saying goodbye

Funeral Scene:
Hurt- Johnny Cash
I want you all to sob. sob I tell you.

End Credits:
You- radiohead
oh yes, its your fault

Not tagging anyone. Do this if you wanna have fun.
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bored bored
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Name ten things (in no particular order) that make you happy and tag five others:
(this is not a 24/7 happiness list, just the things that hold good right now):

1 chocolate
2 dance music
3 pilates
4 three day weekends
5 friends
6 flirting
7 happy memories
8 my[pretty]good health
9 the heater works
10 I'm in the up part of a mood swing

i tag....no one. because i rock like that

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i feel so foolish
i never noticed
you act so nervous...

no more singing. lol. wow, my typo-less-ness is awesome.
mmmmm, the carne asada and potato burrito rocked. i am under the influence of way too many substances. strangely enough it makes my real feelings on certain issues more clear than before.

ooh, and the hippie regge(spelling?) dance thing was actually kind of fun. but i think i still wish he were here...like right now.

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drunk drunk
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okay, so I know its kind of lame that I read John Mayers blog but he actually posts some interesting things...this being one of them

CHANGECollapse )

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blah blah
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10. I admire your strength, I admire your spunk
But the thing I like best, is getting you drunk.

9. Our love will never become cold and hollow
Unless, one day, you refuse to swallow.

8. I bought this Valentine's card at the store
In hopes that, later, you'd be my whore.

7. This feels so good, it feels so right
I just wish it wasn't $250 a night.

6. You're a woman of style, you're a woman of class
Especially when I'm spanking, your big-round-fat ass.

5. Before I met you, my heart was so famished
But now I'm fulfilled. . . SO MAKE ME A SAMICH!!!

4. Through all the things that came to pass
Our love has grown. . . but so's your ass.

3. You're a honey. . . and you're a cutie
I just wished you had J-Lo's "booty".

2. I don't wanna be sappy or silly or corny
So, right to the point, let's do it, I'm horny!

1. If you think that hickey looks like a blister,
you should check out the one that I gave to your sister!

for some reason I can see justin using number 5...
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or maybe I do. and maybe I just pretend not to notice whats changed. I feel a few more major changes in the air. I do wonder whats about to happen.
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content content
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do I really have to become a full-fledged adult? can I do it?

maybe I should go somewhere warm to become an adult. too chilly in Arcata.

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cold cold
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because I'm not going to pass bio. I don't know why I can't. I've tried studying. And I end up getting a D. I've tried every fucking method of studying there is. I've even tried studying the week before and then not studying. It just wont stick. Why can't I fucking do it?

i feel like my head is going to bust open. and i just want to send my fists through the wall or the window or something.

I hate this. i need to pass. I can't even think of a good way to cheat.

and my friend who teaches the supplemental to bio was supposed to send me some help and she never did. I need help. i really need help. i need someone else to take the test for me. i can't do it. i just keep failing. i'm just a fucking failure. fucking good for nothing failure of a pathetic human being.

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depressed depressed
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